by Missing Human

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released August 16, 2016

All music by Missing Human
Guitars in tracks 1 and 7 & Pianos in track 2 recorded by Un Rêve
Mastered by Warren Hildebrand
Artwork by Bate and Diego Cornejo



all rights reserved


Missing Human Ciudad De México, Mexico

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Track Name: M51
The feels came back,
road blocks went down.
I'm afraid of the cliffs,
but maybe I'll get to top this time
and fall again to keep me alive.

And I can look at you black and white,
just like those movies I'm scared to watch.
Lights off, lights on, see you come and go.
See you come and go.

Fireworks and neon lights.
A sky full of sparks
and the reflection in your eyes.

Water in my forehead,
the whispers in the clouds.
The whispers in the clouds.

Take a boat.
Reddish sky.
Track Name: Lucifer
I didn’t take it light,
why would I?
I’ll never look into that pond
and trust the wind words, not again.

I won’t see their toes,
why should I?
They’ll try to hold me back.
I’ll cut my gold wings, crawl again.

Never thought I’d leave,
realized that too late.
Will come back later for the bones
and feel the cold in my new hands.

(All I got was broken leaves)

Track Name: The Room
I can('t) see what you've taken.

(Show me a way)

I've been off course
and lost my thoughts.
Just pull me over,
show me a way back.
Track Name: Hate and Desire (ft. Nima Ikki)
I had this long walk, blue feet covered in white
and a red river running inside.
Everything can change in minutes,
melting your way through or freezing while you run away.

My eyes are glowing
this new storm in the way.

Dig a hole
and drop the fire,
put some ice on top.
Track Name: Rainbow Bruises
I can cut my hands and give them to you.
Hide my head on the straw,
looking for your lost needle.

And I can cleave my feet and wrap them for you,
carry your thoughts on my back
and spread them for you.

(I gave all for you)

I tried to build the house of my old dreams.
Bird songs and fire through my lonely life windows.
Got some crystals from your lovely fists and,
I chew them. Sweet apples in my cold teeth.

(I’ll give up for)
(I gave all for you)
(I gave all again)

Can you tell me it’s over?
I want you to turn back and see the old me.
Can you hold my head?
Help me with the cold days,
forget those lost trains.
Track Name: DID I?
Can’t remember the day you built that wall. Do you?
Slabs piles holding the ivy,
stopping the words.

Maybe I helped you do it
stars are falling in the night
Dancing with eyes shut, pretending to be fine.

I don’t want be a piece in the machine
but I dream about it,
I dream about it.

I don’t wanna be a piece in your machine
but I dream about it,
I dream about it.

Hearing voices million miles away in the same room.
A lonely bright room, a lonely city walk.

(Locked in)

Screaming all the names I've heard on my life
but this is a lonely yard, a lonely yard.

I’ve tried to jump the fence.
Scars on my hands that people won’t see,
that people won’t see.

I want to punch you in the face,
break your nose and being able to breathe.
Hold the breath.

I’ve tried to jump the fence,
scars on my hands and keep breathing.
And keep breathing.
Track Name: Love is a dead crow (ft. vventuraa)
it’s been a long time since you smiled
and it has been a lonely night
i can’t begin to understand the things you said
my girl this is the end
we’ll never have again the light
the city stars are passing by
like meteors from your mind
we fall there’s shadows in your eyes
my dear i know there’s not a single thing to try tonight
we both must die and fade away
the lies are hurting in my heart
i cry but i won’t be the only one to fly and crash
and burn and cry and die tonight
my girl this the end
Track Name: Haze
I saw that gold piece
and my reflection gone.

Smell that outré scent
and turned away from it.

I keep running through night dim paths.
I see bright lights, blurry windows.

(Warm sounds and peace of mind)
(No stops and sour grapes)

I saw the bright star
and tried to speak of.
I lost my breath
and rip this mindedness.
I sit on the sidewalk
and eat my thoughts,
regrets and illusions.
This silence will kill me.

(Gold breezes and cold reflections)

I kept wondering and stop believing.
Eyes and skies tearing apart.
The stars reminding me insignificance.

I kept wondering and stop believing.
Windows and building crumbling.
The walls in my mind are taking me down.
Track Name: Ensenada
All I feel is this warm breeze.
Old crazy thoughts
and young lost loves.

I close my eyes and see you here.